The 4.0 / IoT paradigms

The pace of change has undergone a strong acceleration and science and technology follow a non-linear but exponential growth process, so fast that it sooner or later determines a qualitative leap …” (R. Kurzweil)

The Platform

Greenden know-how allows companies which are or want to be green to increase the quality and the profitability of their products thanks to “interaction” allowed by our digital platform. Today farmers need know-how, new technologies and training in the management of their activities and of the market. What’s Greenden added value? A completely new innovative business to be exploited  for making profit. Our paradigm supports small agricultural realities in their “return to Earth”, the youngest. Dignity, sentiment, economy, local recovering are all in one: Greenden platform project.

The “Internal Blockchain of Greenden”: the exchange chains

Internet of Things

Our aim is precision agriculture, thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) technology, devices which constantly connect people and things. They connect the territory, citizens, tourism and services in a marketing and communication operation without equal.


Agroblock is a tech product developed by our Indian partner IoTracx, a Blockchain-tech, a decentralized and transparent system for the agri-food chain based on four pillars of food supply. A database of fundamental parameters. It censifies the agricultural supply chain based on geology parameters, soil quality (at the micronutrient level), yield of crops and market values. It is a unique system of analysis.

Greenden Technology

Greenden Technology. Greenden addresses the issue of “safe food”, healthy, nutritious and affordable food. Socio-economic integration, evolution of behaviors, lifestyle, care to hygiene in food are part of a reality now. Improvement in food quality and traceability thanks to Greenden Technology, will contribute to cutting costs in the health system.

Greenden Welfare

Greenden, recently  has launched “Greenden-Welfare” in Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italy: a social-chain which connects farmers with traders, guaranteeing economic benefits, local marketing and visibility. Differentiation… our affiliated-members will offer consumers quality and recognizable values. Environmental sustainability needs a real revolution, “The Gentile Revolution”, a scalable project of Open Innovation.