Affiliation to the Smart digital platform

So how can you join and use Greenden services. You must become a “Greenden Shop” affiliated-member (an ad hoc App is available soon for Smartphone IOS, Android and Windows Phone can be downloaded from our site).

Subscription can be quickly done through the Smartphone. Greenden technology immediately locates the affiliated-member with an identification label and leads you through the supply chain made of all our members; a simple, quick and automatic mechanism. Thanks to Greenden-affiliation membership, purchases become transparent, they indicate the origin and the market of products; Greenden-affiliated members generates higher profits and performances, by improving visibility and marketing processes. On the other hands, consumers will receive quality and transparency. You can join Greenden from every Italian region and international projects are taking place.  Greenden-brand makes the difference.

Greenden is a brand that creates the difference.