Greenden has many projects in pipeline, among which are distinguished by vision and ingenuity Road and Citadels defined today Smart City. Sending messages of enthusiasm and happiness to the future is part of our work.

Greenden Road

It is time for cycle lane both for local use and for tourism. What is needed is the road ahead,… Yes, but which road? We must create lanes which improve the sense of connection and wellness; Tracks that connect people, countries, history, nature, art, food. We needs roads where electric mobility is facilitated and promoted, where renewables are promoted, where CO2 emissions are no longer allowed.

In partnership with Next future transportation, this kind of future becomes present.

Greenden Citadels, smart city

“Greenden Citadels” (smart cities) project  is the evolution of the “Eden Green Road” project “. According to several researches and studies citadels are one of the best solutions for  sustainability in the urban system. They improve the quality of life and  meet the needs of citizens, businesses and institutions. The Smart City strategy revolutionizes lifestyle and reletionship in the community; it is an urgent step to do. Greenden is wide-ranging project player. We aims at improving cooperation inside supply chain where the smart city is the beating.

We promote local market and support  intelligent tourism, by re-evaluating the abandoned areas. But all this needs time and awareness.

The history of man is an endless search of doing and possessing more; the progress of civilization comes from cultural development, scientific knowledge and technological progress. Science and awareness go hand in hand (vision of an essay).

The intent to magnify, to stimulate the territorial market, to re-evaluate the neglected and abandoned areas, at awaits its realization.
Now it time the right time and the right conscience for the Greenden Citadels.
The history of man is an incessant search for doing and possessing more; the progress of civilization coincides with the cultural development, the scientific knowledge and the technological progress. Science and consciousness go hand in hand (vision of an essay … TTotD).