My land, in your paradise
my existence lives.

Greenden Story

Greenden’s story comes from the power of belief, vision and sentiment of two young Italian entrepreneurs (Marco Piemonte and Stefano Lombardi). Their concept-idea is revolutionary: a new code for business, an ecological business code, a gentle revolution..

Greenden’s affiliate-firms represent a new economic model (of social enterprise) in the agro-food system: they produce and share values, resources and energies. It’s not the single-firm that emerge, it’s the system! With Greenden, firms go together and contribute to the quality of an eco-conscious life: Stop the paradigm of the current conflictual, aggressive and devastating economy!

What’s behind Greenden ambitious and innovative dream of an ecological economy and sustainable development is Greenden digital platform, an ad hoc advanced technology tool, which connects, organizes, guides and supports the whole agro-food supply chain.


Greenden Mission

We implement the principles of eco-sustainability. A change in responsibility realized through choices and actions, combined with feelings of gratitude, empathy, respect, tolerance and proactivity, a process which interacts, integrates and shapes business.

The world, as we know it, will no longer exist.

Technologies, human and artificial intelligence, philosophy, values, beauty, quality, empathy, new models of sustainable eco-profitable cooperation and much more are affecting the world. A new game is about to start. And this is not the end of the world. It is the end of a story. It is no longer the time to suffer, nor the time to feel unhappy. It’s the time to take our responsibility and create a better world.

Global Force: immanent intelligence in all things

Conflicting economic growth and rising incomes have defeated hunger in Europe and Central Asia but … making money, making business, making numbers are distortions of the system. The business world must realize that any financial expansion can not be separated from the values, quality, sustainability, transparency that the company expresses and that if quality is lacking, the decline is inevitable.

Only the most attentive men aware of the great influence of the world of values ​​on the economy know that economic facts come later, they follow by effect. The evolution of non-deontological models of economic consumption gives rise to other threats, among which what we, in Greenden, define as «transition of food insecurity». Global food security requires policy management, synergy between scientific production and action, the food industry, commercial players, finance, institutional actors and education.

While in biology there is no concept of good or evil but only of utility (the art of producing resources, distributing wealth) in an economy without ethical governance, greater wealth corresponds to greater degradation and the depletion of common goods. The law of biology requires cooperation, the law of economics requires competition.

Giving content and value “to the essence of things” l’intelligenza immanente in tutte le stesse cose produrrà il suo ruolo benefico, un’intelligenza che nessuna tecnologia potrà mai eguagliare.

the immanent intelligence in all the same things will produce its beneficial role, an intelligence that no technology can ever match. The economy of a nation and of whole civilizations follows the ethical dimension and dedication of a few people with a broad vision. The whole evolution of humanity rests on the shoulders of a few “gentle giants”

Greenden: kind revolution!

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